About Us

Based in Drury, South Auckland, STIHL SHOP Downs is a long established and leading retailer in the outdoor Power Industry. The original owner Jim Downs, who was renowned for his expertise in small engines, recognized the excellence of the Stihl equipment and introduced Stihl to his product range in the early 1980’s. He soon became a pre-eminent retailer of the Stihl product range, focussed on technical excellence and customer service.

Present owners Sue and Ross Warren in conjunction with Manager Shane Taylor continue to focus on these two key areas and have expanded both the retail showroom, and the workshop to be the largest in the Auckland region. In addition, some 5 years ago they added the famous Polaris brand of ATV vehicles to their product range.

Sue, Ross and Shane continue to focus on delivering technical excellence and customer service.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us here.

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