Grillo CL75 Walk-behind Hydrostatic Grass Cutter

Grillo CL75 Walk-behind Hydrostatic Grass Cutter


CL75 is a hydrostatic walk-behind mower. Suitable for high grass, weeds and bush which are guided into the cutter deck and cut by the blade with (shock-resistant) swinging tips made of special steel. The cut material is rear discharged.

The cutter deck’s front aperture lifts up automatically when entering high vegetation without crushing it down, considerably increasing the efficiency of the cut. The cutter deck is made of fabricated steel and the cutting height can be adjusted and easily controlled by means of a simple hand wheel. The cutting deck is kept parallel to the ground in all cutting height positions.

The cutting deck blades tips are moulded with a special profile so to reduce noise to the maximum and guarantee an excellent quality cut. With a maximum cutting height of 150mm it is ideal coping with very uneven ground avoiding accidental bumps on the soil.

The cutting deck’s small front tyre is solid, i.e. puncture-proof!

CL75 has a perfect weight distribution and a low centre of gravity. The result is perfect balance!

It’s possible to hold the handlebars with one hand whilst working; this allows the adjustment of the drive and engagement of reverse gear by a handy lever. When cutting on slopes, near trees and obstacles or if you are cutting in coppices and bushes near low branches , adjusting the grass cutter’s drive so easily is a major advantage! The handlebar has a double adjustment capability – height adjustment, in order to meet the operators’ requirements, and lateral adjustment to make cutting easier in difficult areas such as under low positioned branches or in the presence of obstacles.

Also under extreme conditions such as extremely steep slopes and uneven ground, mowing is easy thanks to 4 ply wheels mounted on ball bearings. CL 75’s transmission is hydrostatic with differential lock. It’s possible to progressively adjust the speed by means of a lever on the handlebar from 0 to 6 km/h and in reverse gear up to 3,5 km/h.

CL75 is equipped with a disk parking brake able to keep the machine stable even on slopes.All controls are in a comfortable position including the handlebar adjusting levers.

CL75 is powered by a Honda GXV340 OHV petrol engine with an integrated fuel tank having 2,1 L capacity. The single cylinder engine has a displacement of 337cc and has all the latest innovations, giving great reliability, low emissions, reduced consumption, high performance and vibrations reduced to the minimum,

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