Grillo Climber 7.13

Grillo Climber 7.13

The Climber 7.13 is generally used on smaller properties around 1 – 2 acres and where the terrain underfoot is smoother and therefore the machine can be a lighter build than the heavier 9 series models which suit rougher applications.

Whilst this machine can work well in lighter applications if a lot of work on very steep slopes is required then a 7.16 with more power can be a better option.

This machine has a 34″ (85cm) cutting width and a 13.5HP engine.

The Climber 7.13 will tackle terrain and long grass that other mowers can’t cope with and allow you to mow safely in damp and slippery conditions.

This machine has a hydrostatic gearbox which uses hydraulic oil to provide the motive link between the engine and the wheels. No gears = increased reliability.

The 7.13 has dependable front drum brakes not available on other machines which allow you to brake the mower when mowing downhill and increases safety in case of emergency stopping.

Differential locking increases traction by engaging both drive wheels simultaneously when slipping occurs. This allows the Climber to mow when slippery or dry and over rough ground where other mowers struggle.

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