Grillo Climber 9.22

Grillo Climber 9.22

Climber 9.22 is generally used in demanding applications and on medium to large properties. Its use in commercial applications is well proven and is often used by shire councils for cleaning up rough overgrown steep areas.

Designed for challenging conditions this machine is ideal for properties where a property owner mainly wants to mow infrequently and when the grass is long at the time of mowing. The Climber 9.22 is ideal for absentee land owners, brush or fire break control or for mowing when the operator wants too rather than when the length of grass dictates a mow.

As well as being a steep gradient mower it does a superb job cutting flat areas and produces a good finish on short grass.

The Climber 9.22 has been designed to handle demanding mowing – long grass, steep gradients, as well as undulating and rough terrain. Perfect for the most testing environments where it would be impossible to take other ride on mowers, Climber 9.22 mows gradients of up to 30 degrees. Its low center of gravity and central weight distribution make it very stable and therefore very safe.

As well as steep areas, the Climber 9.22 also mows down grass, even over a metre in height, on flat areas. The extra horsepower over a Climber 9.18 model makes it perfect for applications where there is a lot of mowing to do on large acreage and the differential lock enables users to maintain traction when the ground is damp or slippery. Grillo Climber 9.22 goes places even a tractor can’t go!

The Climber 9.22 manages long grass and steep hills easily. The Climber is a unique machine because it was designed specifically for mowing on hills, slopes, paddocks and uneven terrain. Where the use of other types of mowers and tractors is limited or unsuitable, the Climber excels. Grillo Climber is also set apart by its high quality engineering and manufacturing. Its sturdy design and high build quality is completely durable and the machine stands up to tough Australian and New Zealand conditions.

Once the property has been brought under control an optional mulch kit can be fitted on 9 series machines to provide a manicured finish.

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