Grillo G107d Walk Behind Tractor

Grillo G107d Walk Behind Tractor

Diesel and Petrol Models Available
The G107d models is one of the more powerful models in the Grillo range of two wheel tractors. G107d was designed for commercial use and more demanding applications that require heavy use or more power. This model takes a larger range of accessories and the 8.5HP petrol engine or 11.0HP diesel version power bigger attachments, while the differential locking gives it superior traction.

G107d has built in differential lock, which, when operated, will lock both drive wheels giving extra traction in difficult conditions. · Tilling width options from 68 cm · Heavy duty professional all gear drive · Handles adjustable in height and from side to side ·
Both models of G107d have recoil start engines.

Applications include use in Market Gardens, Landscaping, Organic Farming and Poultry Litter Management.

Optional attachments Include:

75cm Rotary Mower with blade brake
68cm Rotary Tiller
Rotary tiller support wheel option
115cm Sickle Bar option
117cm Double Bladed Sickle Bar option (no vibrations)
Furrower for behind tiller option
Adjustable furrower* option
30cm Berta rotating Plough

*Some attachments need an additional mounting frame. Larger tractor wheels and wheel weights are suggested.

Category: Tillers
SKU: G107d
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