HANSA C13 Brush Chipper

HANSA C13 Brush Chipper



  • One in feed chute with large opening at convenient operating height
  • Quality engine – Honda 4 stroke GX390
  • Self-feeding action, capacity of 80 – 90mm
  • Solid housing construction of 5mm steel plate
  • Easy starting with soft start technology and twin belt drive
  • High discharge into trailer, wheelbarrow or stockpile
  • Quality powdercoated finish (media blasted surface for excellent adhesion)
  • 12 month warranty (extended warranty to 24 months on registration)
  • New Zealand made for New Zealand conditions


The ideal machine for lifestyle block owners, small to medium sized horticultural businesses, orchards, nurseries, farms, hire centres, school grounds, parks, etc.

Model C13 has a large inlet chute for feeding in bigger bundles of brushy and twiggy materials, vines and larger branches, therefore no precutting is necessary. The machine has a very efficient self feeding action. This ‘self – feeding’ action is due to the design of the rotor and the blade set-up, resulting in a user friendly machine easy on the operator. The inertia generated by the large rotor disk creates enough momentum to keep cutting as well as giving the machine enough draught to discharge the mulch up to 8m away (or close to the operating area by adjusting the deflector on the outlet chute). Having a discharge height of 1.2m makes Model C13 ideal for discharging onto a trailer, ute deck or small truck, eliminating the need for any double handling of mulch.


Weight (kg) Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Approx Capacity*
Standard Model with 13HP (max) Honda engine 185 1400 1000 1100 80-90mm branches
Trailer Model with 13HP (max) Honda engine 265 1550 1200 2700 80-90mm branches
PTO Model 177 1500 900 1100 80-90mm branches
*depending on the type and hardness of the wood
Category: Chippers
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