KGA 770 PRO Cordless Sweeper (incl. Battery & Charger)

KGA 770 PRO Cordless Sweeper (incl. Battery & Charger)


The STIHL KG 770 Sweeper enables efficient low-dust sweeping of large areas of up to 1500m² both indoors and outdoors and on wet or dry surfaces. STIHL Multi Clean PLUS sweeping systems, 8-level central height adjustment, bristle hold-down clamp, ergonomically shaped 2-fold height adjustment push bar, lateral wheels, transport handle, can be stored upright to save space.

Kit price includes Tool, AP 300 Battery and AL 300 Charger

$1285 – Tool only


Sweeping Width: 77cm
Container Capacity: 50L
Weight: 16kg
For areas up to: 2000m²
Sweeping Concept: MultiClean PLUS

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