Ranger Diesel 1000 HD Gen 3

Ranger Diesel 1000 HD Gen 3


The Polaris Ranger Diesel 1000 Gen 3 delivers superior working performance and the smoothest riding comfort. With the heavy duty high-torque 1028cc Kohler diesel engine, you’ll tackle the toughest jobs with confidence and get more down around your property with durable, long lasting, low maintenance diesel power.

Engine Type 3-Cylinder Diesel
Cylinders-Displacement (cc) 1,028 cc / 24 HP
Fuel System Mechanical Injection
Transmission/Final Drive Automatic PVT H/L/N/R/P; Shaft
Drive System Type On-Demand True AWD/2WD/ VersaTrac Turf Mode – Active Descent Control (ADC)
Cooling Liquid

– Industry-leading 907kg of towing
– Unbeatable 680kg of total payload
– Rear tray capacity of 454kg
– 3-seats

Our workshop offers full Polaris and other ATV repairs and servicing, as well as pickup and delivery options. Get in touch for more info, or to book a free test drive. Vehicle may be shown with optional and additional accessories.

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