Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew

Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew


Get more done with the industry’s most capable six-person utility side-by-side. Beneath its muscular yet refined exterior, you’ll find the strength of a class-best 82 horsepower ProStar engine. Tow up to an industry-leading 1,134kg, or conquer tough terrain with up to 33cm of ground clearance and 28cm of suspension travel.

Engine Type 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder DOHC
Cylinders-Displacement (cc) 999 cc
Payload Capacity Unbeatable 794kg
Towing Capacity 1,134 kg
Drive System Type Turf, 2WD, AWD and ADC
Cooling Liquid

Polar­is ProStar engines are purpose built, tuned and designed alongside the vehicle, resulting in an optimal balance of smooth, reliable power.
• 1000cc Prostar petrol engine
• Industry-leading 84Nm of torque
• Three power modes (work, standard, performance)

• Rear tray capacity of 454kg
• 6-seats
• 72 litres of in-cab storage, including ample under-seat storage
• 8 cup holders

• Polaris On-Demand All Wheel Drive (AWD) is the industry’s only true on-demand all-wheel drive system
• Active Descent Control (ADC) is a sophisticated engine braking system that allows a vehicle to safely travel up and down steep terrain (reverse and forward).
• 27-inch 6-ply tyres
• Four drive modes: Turf, 2WD, AWD and ADC
• 4-wheel disc brakes

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