Rover RZTS46

Rover RZTS46


The Rover RZTS46 runs unique Synco-Steer technology; with its unmatched climbing ability and its amazing manoeuvrability makes this one of the best zero turn mowers on the market, combined with its 20HP V-Twin Kohler engine and a 46″ deck makes this a must for your lifestyle block.

Free Upgrade from RZTL42. SAVE $1000. Valid until 30 June 2018


Model: MT17ARCBDT333
Engine Type: 20 HP Kohler® V-Twin OHV
Drive System: Dual Hydro-Gearâ„¢ EZT 2200
Chassis: Heavy-duty 12-gauge one-piece, full-length steel frame
Fuel Tank: 10.6 Litres
Front Axle: Heavy-duty fabricated steel
PTO Clutch: Electronic switch
Mowing Deck: 117cm/46″ side discharge
Blades: Twin-blade(high lift)
Mulch Kit: Standard
Turning Radius: Zero turn with 4 wheel steering

Category: Ride Ons
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