STIHL FR 450 Backpack Brushcutter

STIHL FR 450 Backpack Brushcutter


The STIHL 450 Backpack Brushcutter is designed for more heavy-duty brushcutting work, and being portable, it is able to go wherever you go.  Ideal in difficult terrain such as steep slopes, overgrown hills, between crevices, vineyards and orchards, and other areas that are difficult to access that require a more heavy-duty brush cutter.  This tool’s flexible connection between the engine and a comfortable bar and work towards the slope. 


  • Anti-Vibration System – Click on  for more information.
  • ElastoStart – Click on  for more information.


Displacement: 44.3 cm3

Performance: 2,1 / 2,9 kW / hp

Weight: 10.8 kg

Sound pressure: 95 db

Sound power level: 111 db

Length without cutting equipment: 2.8 m

Fuel tank: 0.67 L

Category: Brushcutters
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