iMow RMI 442

iMow RMI 442


The RMI 442 is perfect for small to medium sized lawns. This fast, manoeuvrable RMI 442 covers every last corner of your lawn. Its compact dimensions are well suited to easily navigate your property.

With the STIHL iMow, enjoy your lawn without doing any of the work. This smart mower with high-performance STIHL battery technology will quietly and efficiently mow your lawn for you and has automated and customisable features such as intelligent hood sensor, flexible programming, automatic charging, and more.

Max Lawn Area (approx) 1500m²
Weekly Mowing Duration* 25 Hours
Maximum degree of slope 22°
Cutting Height: 20–60mm
Average Charging Time 90 min

iMow FAQs

A. The iMow is equipped with a variety of sensors. As soon as someone attempts to lift the machine or touches it, it stops. The manual Stop button offers added safety. Moreover, you can set your iMow so that it can only be operated after the entry of a PIN code, rendering theft pointless.

A. Bushes, flower beds, trees and other fixed objects in the garden are excluded in advance using a wire. As soon as the iMow detects an obstacle, sensors under its movable hood determine the best direction for circumventing it.

A. The boundaries are marked using the perimeter wire. The docking station sends a signal through this wire to help the iMow find its bearings. During installation, the perimeter wire is either laid in a narrow ground slit at a max. depth of 10cm or secured on the surface of the lawn using the fixing pins. In the latter case, the perimeter wire will become overgrown after a short while and may no longer be visible.

A. Whatever you like – The iMow can but doesn’t have to work in the rain. You can program the iMow to operate only when the conditions are dry. Our iMow is uncomplicated.

A. Of course – It’s entirely up to you. Once you discover just how quietly it mows, you’ll be confident that it will disturb neither you nor your neighbours.

* Cost of installation applies, subject to property inspection by your iMow specialist. Get in touch to learn more.

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