STIHL RB 200 Petrol Waterblaster

STIHL RB 200 Petrol Waterblaster


 Free Upgrade: Upgrade to the STIHL RB 400 Petrol Waterblaster – SAVE $330! T&Cs Apply. Offer valid 01 July – 30 September 2019. See in store for more info.

Ideal for the residential and lifestyle block owner.

The STIHL RB 200 offers an outstanding flow rate and power, it will make your cleaning tasks easy.  The engine can be started without releasing the pressure from the pump, hose and gun.


Max PSI/bar: 2,500/170
Max Water Flow Rate: 8.6lt/min
Engine Capacity: 173cc
Engine Power: 3.7kW
Total Weight: 28kgs
Category: Waterblasters
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