STIHL RMA 460 COMPACT Cordless Lawnmower (incl. Battery & Charger)

STIHL RMA 460 COMPACT Cordless Lawnmower (incl. Battery & Charger)


Robust COMPACT Cordless Lawnmower with central cut-height adjustment and 4-n-1 function: mowing, mulching, catching, and side ejection. Automatic speed control as well as directly driven blade ensure longer battery life. Robust sheet steel housing, height-adjustable handlebar with soft handle, 60 L textile grass collection box, cutting width: 46 cm. Weight: 26.0kg.

Kit includes Tool, AK 30 Battery and AL 10 Charger.

$695 – Tool Only


Battery Capacity: 350m²
Rated Voltage: 36V
Weight (without Battery): 26 kg
Cutting Width: 46 cm (18″)

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